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World first Chinese PV launched to perform in extreme temperatures

China’s JinkoSolar unveils first module certified to work under weather conditions of 85°C

The Chinese PV modules have been certified to perform in very hot climates

A Chinese firm has developed what is claimed to be the world’s first PV module certified to perform under extreme weather conditions. JinkoSolar, a leading global solar power product manufacturer based in China, has unveiled its new series of "Eagle" solar modules which have been certified to perform under temperatures of 85°C.

The Eagle series, which represents what is being described as a new standard for high performance and reliability, are the world's first potential induced degradation ("PID") free modules to be certified under weather conditions of 85°C and 85 per cent relative humidity.

JinkoSolar said the module series features the company’s innovative cell and assembly technology, which enables it to resist PID under the toughest weather conditions and reach 260 Watts peak power output. This is a record for commercially available mass-produced modules.

JinkoSolar’s CEO Kangping Chen, said: "With the introduction of our Eagle series solar modules, JinkoSolar is leading the way in the adoption of new industry standards with PID free modules in mass production.

“In response to the increasing demand by our customers and partners, JinkoSolar was able to rapidly develop PID free modules to reduce the risk involved and guarantee the greatest return on investments,” he said. “As such, we are demonstrating JinkoSolar's commitment to consistently delivering the most reliable solar technology and the best quality products on the market."

The news from JinkoSolar follows other developments in the solar industry to improve the performance of PV power. This includes US researchers who in August 2012 invented a self-cleaning solar panel which could increase PV power capabilities by up to 30 per cent.