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Vikram and Cencorp consider collaboration to bring MWT PV modules to solar projects in India

Collaborations could see Finland’s Cencorp combine its metal wrap through tech with PV modules at Indian firm Vikram’s solar projects

Vikram Solar and Cencorp are reviewing project collaboration opportunities to combine PV modules with MWT

Indian company Vikram Solar and Finland-based firm Cencorp have started a review to look at collaboration opportunities to advance projects using PV modules with metal wrap through (MWT) technology. The collaborations will involve combining Cencorp's MWT technology with PV modules across Vikram’s solar energy projects in India.

Vikram Solar, which is based in West Bengal, eastern India, is part of the Vikram Group and a leader in Indian solar energy projects. Cencorp, which has its headquarters in Mikkeli, Finland, manufactures PV modules based on its own technology.

The two companies are negotiating business and partnership collaborations, but no solar project agreements have yet been made. Cencorp said it will announce further information once negotiations have finished.

Cencorp said: “The negotiations for business and partnership collaboration between the parties, including detailed terms, are still under negotiations. It is not yet certain that the transactions will be materialised. Further, realisation of the transactions defined in the non-binding term sheet is subject to several issues such as due diligence and especially to Cencorp's short and long term financing.”

If collaborations go ahead, it will mark another example of Finnish firms working with companies in India’s solar market this year. The Switch, based in Finland, commissioned its 1MW PV module solar inverter for Indian firm Ultra Cosmic Solar Energy in late January 2014.