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US firm's thin film to develop Indian PV plant

DuPont supplies thin film panels to 5 MW solar project in India’s western state

DuPont has supplied PV panels for the solar project in India

US thin film panels are being used to develop a PV plant in India. The solar arm of US firm DuPont, in Delaware, has supplied its panels to the PV project in West India.

DuPont Apollo, a wholly owned subsidiary of DuPont specialising in silicon-based thin film photovoltaic technology, has supplied PV modules capable of generating five MW of electricity to the solar power plant in Gujarat owned by Yantra eSolar India Pvt, which is a leading provider of renewable energy in India.  Approved under Gujarat State Government Policy, the solar plant is scheduled to be grid connected before the end of August, 2012.

“We chose DuPont Apollo silicon based thin film photovoltaic modules for their exceptional reliability to perform even under the tough hot and humid climatic conditions in India,” said Nixon Patel, founder and managing director of Yantra eSolar India.  “We expect our solar power business will continue to expand to 28 states and 7 union territories by 2020, so choosing the right partner to work with hand-in-hand for the long term is especially vital to ensure business success and return on investment.”

The solar plant is located on 35 acres in Village Charankha, Santalpur Taluk, Patan District in Gujarat State.  Upon project completion and commissioning, the five MW solar plant project is estimated to generate 8 million kilowatt hours of electricity, offsetting 8,000 tonnes of carbon emission per year. 

In addition to supplying PV modules, DuPont Apollo also provided a broader scope of services to this project including debt financing channeling, balance of system components recommendation and qualification, reference system design, design verification and project management consultation.

“DuPont Apollo is pleased to work with Yantra eSolar India to provide our solar farm expertise and reliable, high energy yielding thin film PV modules to develop a sustainable energy solution that will help the state of Gujarat and the India nation meet increasing energy needs while reducing their carbon footprint,” said Chuck Xu, chief executive officer, DuPont Apollo. 

“Through collaboration with local partners, we hope together to build a solid base for scaling up solar power generation to cope with India’s rapidly growing electricity demand.  We look forward to further collaborating with Yantra on solar farm projects to support the country’s renewable energy goal.”

Yantra eSolar India Pvt Ltd aims to empower the world’s developing communities through the application of solar energy technologies. The company is becoming India’s leading provider of renewable energy generated by advanced solar PV technologies and products and services catering towards the solar energy eco-system, with projects potentially spanning all 28 states and 7 union territories, by 2020.