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US firm Alpha Technologies acquires India’s NavSemi Energy

US renewable energy solutions company Alpha Technologies acquires NavSemi Energy to bring low-cost solar systems to India’s PV market

Solar power plant developer
US-based Alpha technologies has acquired India's NavSemi Energy

US firm Alpha Technologies has announced the acquisition of India’s solar system product developer NavSemi Energy. The acquisition aims to expand Alpha’s presence in India’s fast-growing PV market India and complements renewable energy firm OutBack Power, another company in the Alpha Group.

NavSemi Energy designs and manufactures products which extract superior system efficacy from PV solar systems by maximising energy harvesting capabilities of individual solar panels. Working more closely with Alpha, NavSemi Energy said it can help bring the benefits of solar systems with greater reliability at a lower cost.

Babu Jain, managing director and founder of NavSemi Energy, said: “Renewable energy systems in India and other expanding markets demand rugged, reliable and cost effective technology. We’ve long been impressed by Alpha and OutBack’s ability to meet and exceed the PV needs of challenging environments. Working more closely with Alpha, NavSemi Energy can help bring the benefits of renewably generated electricity delivered with greater reliability at lower costs, to meet the need of installers and users everywhere.”

Founded in 2008, NavSemi Energy is primarily known for reliable, pioneering product designs for off-grid and grid-interactive energy applications. The company develops power electronic solutions such as a solar management unit, which substitutes a UPS system with PV and solar power. This transforms a conventional system into a solar system. Alpha Technologies said these solar systems offer more efficient transfer of energy from solar power sources and provide first-in-kind solutions for expanding solar capabilities.

Drew Zogby, president of Alpha Technologies, said he expects the companies’ joint solar system technologies to have an impact in solar markets such as India.

Zogby said: “Alpha has worked with NavSemi Energy for several years, and during that time we’ve collaborated well together. NavSemi’s products and philosophy reflect our approach. Together, we expect to expand our market reach into regions such as India, where our joint technologies can have a real impact.”