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US to export solar-tech for Indian power plants

First Solar will supply its modules to two Indian firms to boost solar in Rajasthan

The US will supply solar-tech for facilities in Rajasthan
The US will supply solar-tech for facilities in Rajasthan

 A US solar manufacturer will supply its thin film modules to two Indian firms. Mahindra Surya Prakash and Solar Field Two will use the technology, which Arizona-based First Solar supplied, to construct solar facilities in Rajasthan.

Solar Field Two will build one 20 MW plant, and Mahindra Surya Prakash will build two of 20 MW and 10 MW capacity respectively. Both firms are owned by Mumbai-based Kiran Energy.

First Solar will provide it’s thin film technology, which the company claims has the smallest carbon footprint and fastest pay back time of any PV system.

First Solar said: “Our advanced thin-film photovoltaic solar modules provide a very cost effective component of solar generating systems, especially in areas like India that have a high degree of solar irradiance.

“In a typical sunny location, module temperatures often reach 65°C. At this temperature, the power output of typical crystalline silicon solar modules will be reduced by up to 20 per cent, while First Solar power output will only be reduced by up to 10 per cent, approximately half the reduction of competing solar modules.”

The supply deal is a result of Export-Import US Bank loans to the two Indian firms. The loans were granted for the construction of the Rajasthan projects, to create opportunity for the export of US solar technology.

Fred Hochberg, Ex-Im Bank chairman and president said: "These important transactions will finance the purchase of American products and services and support jobs in our innovative renewable-energy sector. On top of that, Ex-Im's financing will contribute to India's drive to embrace clean-energy sources."