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US company forms solar partnerships with Chinese and German firms

SolarBridge to work with ET Solar and NESL as it prepares to launch microinverter tech to US

The partners will offer AC modules powered by SolarBridge microinverters
The partners will offer AC modules powered by SolarBridge microinverters

A US firm has formed partnerships with solar companies in China and Germany. Texas-based SolarBridge has announced four partnerships, which includes two from China, one from Germany and one from the US. The company made the partnership announcement at the US InterSolar exhibition in San Francisco where it also launched its AC module solution technology.

The partners, Mage Solar, Talesun Solar, ET Solar and NESL, are based in the US, Germany and China, respectively. They will start offering SolarBridge’s certified AC modules to the North American market later this year.

The SolarBridge AC module technology includes the ‘Pantheon II microinverter’. SolarBridge describes Pantheon II as a higher power, higher efficiency and smaller footprint microinverter, which is smart grid capable and designed to optimise the power output of higher power panels.

Ron Van Dell, president and CEO of SolarBridge Technologies, said: “The launch of Pantheon II continues our rapid pace of innovation, enabling SolarBridge to bring out a new industry-leading platform every year. Customers look to us as the premier brand in microinverters and AC module solutions because they trust our technology, our highly reliable design, as well as our testing and certification standards.”

SolarBridge has highlighted Pantheon II’s capabilities, including 208 V/240 V autosensing, and compatibility with 60-and 72-cell modules up to 280 W, which make the product suitable for both commercial and residential PV applications. According to SolarBridge, the microinverter has a peak efficiency of 95.7 per cent and a maximum output power of 240 W.

In addition to its microinverter technology, SolarBridge have updated its management system. SolarBridge said: “SolarBridge Management System, consisting of the Power Manager and Power Portal,  has been updated with additional system management functions and to enable multiple integration points for partners to access and control their PV systems. This includes cloud-to-cloud, local hosting, API access, and Android and iOS mobile applications.”