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US battery firm named finalist for Indian solar project award

Trojan Battery close to winning Intersolar Solar Projects in India award for Spice Village Eco-Resort Project

Trojan Battery has been named an Intersolar award finalist for its work, involving designing an off-grid PV system for an Indian resort

A US battery manufacturer has been named a finalist for an Indian solar energy projects award. Californian company Trojan Battery, a leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, has been named as a finalist for the Intersolar “Solar Projects in India” award. 

The company and its Indian partner, Team Sustain, have been recognised for their Spice Village eco-resort project. Trojan Battery said finalists were selected based on “exceptional, pioneering projects in the fields of solar building, industrial and commercial use projects based in India.”

Spice Village is an eco-resort in southern India which partnered with Team Sustain and Trojan Battery to design an off-grid photovoltaic system for the resort. The solar-based renewable energy solution consists of a 65kW battery-based photovoltaic system which generates enough solar electricity to meet 100 per cent of the resort’s power needs.  The energy produced by the thin-film PV modules is stored in 72 Trojan deep-cycle flooded IND29-4V industrial batteries. 

The Intersolar Solar Projects in India award winner will be announced at Intersolar India, held in Mumbai, on 6 November.

Trojan Battery offers a complete portfolio of technologically-advanced deep-cycle flooded, AGM and gel batteries that provide maximum long-lasting performance to meet the requirements of today’s advancing renewable energy systems.

TeamSustain is a leading clean, green technology solutions provider based in Cochin, India. The company offers cost-effective logistics and infrastructure solutions for sustainable resource utilisation to markets around the world. 

The news from Trojan Battery follows other western firms being awarded for their innovations in the BRIC countries. This includes Austrian algae firm SEE Algae Technology (SAT), which in September won bioenergy innovation of the year award at the annual World Biofuels Markets Congress in Brazil.