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Top Chinese solar firm chosen to develop country’s key PV project

JinkoSolar selected to supply 50 MW for GSHHSD project marking “key contribution” to China's 15 GW goal

JinkoSolar has been selected to supply 50 MW of PV modules for the project
JinkoSolar has been selected to supply 50 MW of PV modules for the project

A leading Chinese solar firm has been chosen develop a major PV project in the country. JinkoSolar has been selected to supply 50 MW for the GSHHSD Solar Project in China.

The company, which is one of the world's leading vertically integrated solar power product manufacturers, will provide modules for the 50 MW solar project, operated by state-owned renewable energy development company GSHHSD in northwestern China.

Expected to come online within the year, the project marks a key contribution to China's renewable energy production goal of 15 GW by 2015.

Located in the city of Zhangye in Gansu province, the solar project will contribute to the region's government-backed goals that aim to curb demand for fossil fuels by increasing renewable energy development through solar, wind, nuclear and hydropower. The GSHHSD project is expected to connect with the state-operated grid within the year.

GSHHSD chairman Xingjie Zhu, said: "We are impressed with JinkoSolar's integrity, stable operation and excellent product quality. We believe that JinkoSolar is in a position to provide us with first-class photovoltaic products that meet our needs. It is also our hope that this partnership will give impetus to even more wide-spread solar energy applications.

"The solar industry in China is enjoying robust growth the last two years, marking significant diversification for our industry especially in 2012," said JinkoSolar Chairman David Li.

"It is our unwavering promise to provide our customers with industry-leading products and services. As we strive to expand our operations at home in China, this remains a strong focus while we continue to meet the needs of our customers worldwide,” he added.