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Swiss and US firms develop CPV tech to offer turnkey solution

ABB to offer complete “sun-to-grid” CPV solution with GreenVolts technology

ABB will offer a "sun-to-grid" solution
ABB will offer a "sun-to-grid" solution

A Swiss technology company has developed a “sun-to-grid” concentrating photovoltaic system (CPV) in partnership with US turnkey specialists. ABB’s CPV system, which is based on technology of firm GreenVolts in California. It aims to provide a “complete” solution to take solar power to the grid, including modules, trackers, inverters and energy management software. This software, ISIS, will provide online monitoring and control of a “virtually unlimited” number of solar sites.

Bob Stojanovic, ABB director of Solar Power solutions, North America, said: “For utility-scale projects, customers are asking for a fully integrated solution and the long-term stability and support that ABB can provide. With this turnkey CPV system and our power generation experience, we believe ABB has the most complete and compelling solar power solution in the industry.”

CPV systems can produce 30 to 40 per cent more energy than traditional silicon or thin-film photovoltaics over the course of a year. ABB says they are particularly effective in areas of high DNI (direct normal irradiance, a measure of sun strength), typical of the warmer and sunnier regions of the world where the majority of growth is expected for solar power. In these areas, the company says a CPV system delivers more energy in a smaller land area and at a lower cost than any other photovoltaic technology.

ABB claims its full line of equipment for electric power and control, grid interconnection, and EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) services, makes them a good source for solar power generation plants.