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Spain to build India factory to make solar thermal power plants

Factory with 25,000 ton capacity will produce equipment for solar thermal plants

The India factory will be used to make equipment for solar thermal energy
The India factory will be used to make equipment for solar thermal power plants

A Spanish firm plans to build a factory to develop solar thermal power in India. The World Bank’s private-sector financing arm could provide a USD 14m loan to Spain’s Abengoa SA (ABG) for a factory in the country to make equipment for solar thermal power plants.
Inabensa Bharat Pvt., a wholly owned unit of the solar developer, plans to build a plant near Vadodara in western Gujarat state that will produce steel support structures for cylindrical parabolic solar collectors and heliostats in solar- thermal plants, the International Finance Corp (IFC) website states, according to reports.

The facility will have an annual capacity of 25,000 tons and also produce steel structures for electricity transmission and distribution projects. It plans to sell its output in India and neighbouring countries, the IFC said.

Meanwhile, plans are being proposed to build three solar plants totalling 30 MW in India. The venture plans to build two 20 MW solar plants and a 10 MW project in Rawra village, Rajasthan state, for USD 105 million, according to Bloomberg.
The Mahindra & Mahindra (MM), the biggest Indian maker of sports-utility vehicles, and its partner Kiran Energy Solar Power Pvt, are looking to receive USD 26m from the investment arm of the World Bank to build the three electricity plants, Bloomberg reports.

The state already operates a 5 MW plant nearby, also partly IFC funded, with a power transmission line that would be shared by the proposed projects.