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South Africa steps up wind and solar projects

Signs South Africa’s renewable energy market is stepping up a gear was further enforced this month after three new wind and solar projects were given the go ahead

Newly financed South African wind and solar projects will have a 47M capacity

A leading South African renewable energy developer has agreed financing terms for one wind and two solar projects in the country which are set to begin immediately.

BioTherm Energy announced on 20 November the projects will have an installed capacity of 47MW. The 27MW Dassiesklip wind farm will be located in Caledon, Western Cape, while the two 10MW solar farms, Aries and Konkoonsies, will be locatedin Kenhardt, North Cape, and Pofadder, Northern Cape respectively.

Both solar projects have expansion potential, in line with the firm’s strategy of building smaller-sized projects initially, before focusing long-term on larger-scale projects.

Earlier this month Biotherm was awarded the licences to proceed with the projects by South Africa’s Department of Energy, in the first round of bidding in the government’s Independent Power Producer Programme (REIPPP).

“These three projects represent a pivotal point for our company,” said BioTherm chief executive officer Jasandra Nyker. “Our management team has more than 100 years of wind and solar development and investment expertise, and we are uniquely positioned as one of the few developers with access to capital—a key element to opportunistically acquire projects for future development.”

With a focus on renewable power in all of Southern Africa, BioTherm has a pipeline of wind and solar projects in development that totals an estimated 2.4 GW in capacity.

The solar power market in South Africa has ramped up a gear, with a stream of project news emanating from the country in recent days.