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Solarsis installs PV rooftop system on India Institute of Technology

India firm fits “unique” solar PV system to rooftop of IIT Madras

Solar rooftop system
Solarsis says the system for the Institute of Technology in India is unique rooftop PV technology

Indian solar developer Solarsis has installed what it describes as a unique rooftop PV system for the Institute of Technology in the BRIC country. The leading solar system integration company has installed a unique rooftop solar PV system on the rooftop of the IIT Madras.

The Solar PV system is a smartly designed project with various technologies in modules and inverters, Solarsis said. The solar plant is installed on top of the 50 year-old Electrical Sciences Block at IIT-Madras, which aims to build 1MW of solar on top of its existing buildings.

CEO Solarsis Venkat Rajaraman said the structures are unique as they are non-penetrating type, elevated with a minimum clearance of 8ft above the roof, designed to withstand high wind zone of the Chennai coastal region.

The plant also brings a high degree of reliability and protection to enable to smooth interaction with the grid, Solarsis said.

Dr Ashok Jhunjhunwala, professor in the electrical engineering department, said: "IIT always being an early advocate of promising technologies like solar and we are doing our best to contribute to some key challenges in solar adaptability through a smart grid controller. We plan to test Smart Controller for solar, which is currently being designed by IITM, with the rooftop solar plant. Also the elevated structures ensure that we continue to use the roof as before for our regular use" Dr. Jhunjhunwala said.

The IIT Madras Solarsis rooftop solar plant is a mix of monocrystalline, polycrystalline, high efficiency polycrystalline (greater than 19 per cent module efficiency) and CIGS thin-film modules, in which both string and central inverters of various capacities are used. The 90KW solar plant will generate 1.5 Lakh units per annum and helps offset 90 tons of carbon dioxide.

"It is a fine example of collaborative effort between industry and an academic institution to pursue practical green electricity alternatives," said Venkat Rajaraman, Solarsis CEO. "We did an extensive structural design analysis in collaboration with the professors at IIT to come out with this solution. We believe initiatives of this kind will pave the way for others to adopt green energy saving measures that is environment friendly. "