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SolarEdge Technologies announces expansion into China PV market

Western photovoltaics provider intensifies PV market activity in BRIC country by appointing QT Jiang to SolarEdge China general manager and expanding Shanghai offices

Shanghai at sunrise
SolarEdge’s expansion into the Chinese PV market includes increasing its offices in Shanghai

Western photovoltaics provider SolarEdge Technologies has announced its expansion into the Chinese PV market. Having identified China as a strategic and growing market, SolarEdge said it is intensifying its activity in the BRIC country’s PV market with the appointment of QT Jiang to general manager of SolarEdge China, the expansion of its offices in Shanghai, and the introduction of dedicated partner support for photovoltaic installers.

SolarEdge is a leading global photovoltaics provider of power optimisers, PV inverters, and monitoring systems, with head offices including in the US and Germany. The firm said QT Jiang, having held senior positions at semiconductor and photovoltaics companies, brings a wealth of expertise and in-depth knowledge of the Chinese PV market to his role at SolarEdge. QT Jiang earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from Beijing University and a PhD from Rutgers University. Additionally, he has multiple published professional articles and holds numerous US and Chinese patents.

MLPE PV market

Experiencing unprecedented success around the world, the module-level power electronics (MLPE) market reached more than 2GW of cumulative installed capacity in 2013. The global adoption of MLPE is due to increased energy harvest, constraint-free design, cost-efficient maintenance, and improved safety. As part of this success, the PV market has also experienced a transition from central inverters to string inverters in large PV installations. As the leading power optimiser provider and among the top global inverter companies, SolarEdge said it is in a strategic position to lead the adoption of module-level electronics in the Chinese PV market.

“I am excited to join SolarEdge, an innovative company with a successful track record, which is poised to be a leading player in the Chinese PV market,” said Jiang, the newly-appointed General Manager of SolarEdge China. “Module-level power electronics offer the Chinese solar market great promise for advancing its PV installations. As part of the introduction of module-level electronics to China, SolarEdge is committed to provide a dedicated business partnership that offers end-to-end project support.”