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Slovakian solar firm brings PV simulation tools into China

GeoModel Solar introduces satellite-based solar resource data to cut costs in China’s PV plant developments

The software can find the best energy efficient locations for solar plants
The simulation software can find the best energy efficient locations for solar plants to be built

A Slovakian firm has introduced solar resource technology to China that aims to help cut costs in the development of its PV projects. GeoModel Solar, a leading international provider of solar resource data, innovative photovoltaic simulation tools and expert consultancy, has extended the geographical coverage of its SolarGIS solar resource database and online services to China.

The SolarGIS database features a unique set of qualities that have triggered new industry standards in terms of accuracy, efficiency and low uncertainty. SolarGIS confirms its position as the best solar resource database in several independent data comparison studies, and has been used in a number of commercial solar energy projects worldwide.

The company said SolarGIS data and software fill the gap in the solar resource assessment of China.

"Lack of accurate solar resource data has been one of the major bottlenecks in the financing of solar energy projects. The introduction of SolarGIS data in China will help to mitigate weather-related risk, associated with solar energy projects, and hence will reduce cost of financing", said Amit Jain, who is an independent consultant.

Marcel Suri, managing director of GeoModel Solar, said: “Use of high-resolution SolarGIS data allows an accurate solar energy yield prediction, which is crucial information for determining financial viability of each solar energy project.

Solar power plant developers, engineers, installers, financers, policy-makers and wider community can access SolarGIS database and online assessment tools: iMaps and pvPlanner.

iMaps provides access to key solar resource maps of Global Horizontal Irradiation and Direct Normal Irradiation in China with a spatial detail of up to 250m. iMaps web application enables identification of the best locations for solar energy projects.

Once a site is selected, photovoltaic electricity yield can be interactively calculated using pvPlanner. This tool simulates long-term electricity production of photovoltaic projects ranging from large open-space power plants to roof-top systems and rural electrification projects.