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Seraphim partners with Chinese university for solar rooftop solutions

PV producer Seraphim Solar System joins up with university CUMT and Institute CIET to design solar powered roof tailored for Chinese houses

Man instaling PV rooftop system
Seraphim said the partnership aims to develop a rooftop solution which will be energy-efficient, elegant and of easy operation

PV panel producer Seraphim Solar System has partnered with a Chinese university and institute to develop a solar roof solution for houses in China. The Chinese firm has joined up with China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT) and Changzhou Institute of Engineering Technology (CIET) to design and produce a solar powered rooftop system, specifically tailored for Chinese style houses.

The news follows other major developments in rooftop PV in China over the last few months. This includes the completion of a 30MW rooftop PV project in Eastern China in July. The rooftop PV installation spans 129 buildings in Suzhou city.

Mr Zhang, professor of China University of Mining and Technology, said, of the latest project: "We are very delighted to have the opportunity to work with Seraphim for such an exciting project. With the common goal and Seraphim's leadership, we will fully utilise our research capability and laboratory facilities. We hope this project will serve as a successful model and an effective teaching tool for CUMT."

Prototype solar roof

Seraphim's R&D department, with six selected CUMT & CIET students and two professors, will team up together to develop a rooftop solution, which will be "energy-efficient, elegant and easy operation."

Seraphim Solar System, said: "CUMT has massive photovoltaic research facilities and statistical data on Chinese roofs while the CIET team can contribute their rich system design and operation practicing expertise."

Seraphim has spent months preparing the design to build a prototype roof with Seraphim solar PV products. The prototype house will be kept at the company's Seraphim Fab1 facility and will be used as a design activities centre.

Polaris Li, general manager of Seraphim, said: "We are proud of partnering with the esteemed CUMT and CIET to deliver this state-of-the-art solution utilising Seraphim's highly efficient and reliable solar PV panels. Our joint work will be a long-term partnership, which will be beneficial for all three parties. With forward-thinking, Seraphim will be the industrial pioneer of innovative solution towards China's tremendous solar distributed generation market."