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PV firm Vikram Solar to launch 100% India-made solar module

Indian PV developer plans to launch solar module in 2014 made completely from locally manufactured raw materials

solar panel
The PV module will be manufactured completely from materials in India

Indian PV manufacturer Vikram Solar is planning to launch a solar module completely made from materials in the BRIC country. The solar module, which is planned for launch in 2014, will use raw materials including PV cells, glass, EVA, backsheets and frames, which have been manufactured by firms in India, Indian Power Sector reports.

The PV module follows guidelines for the ongoing Phase II Batch I of Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM), which states 50 per cent of the total 750MW of solar power projects under the batch must be set up using PV cells and solar modules made in India. With the launch of the new solar module, Vikram Solar will surpass these domestic content requirements specified by India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) for the JNNSM.

Sunil Rathi, president, sales at Vikram Solar, said: “The use of local raw materials will ensure low lead-time and inventory benefits while offering faster turnaround time for executing Indian solar projects, thereby leading to a win-win situation for all,” according to the news site.

Ivan Saha, president and chief technology officer of Vikram Solar, has revealed the company follows a rigorous process of engineering evaluation of the bill-of-materials used in PV modules. He has said Vikram Solar is currently looking for suppliers.

Saha has said with this effort Vikram Solar is aiming to develop the “eco-system of the Indian photovoltaic sector,” and hopes to contribute in a big way to make it competitive.

The news from Vikram Solar comes after the MNRE has announced plans to develop a series of large-scale solar power projects in the BRIC country this month. The MNRE plans to establish four solar ultra mega power projects (UMPPs) in India, with the capacity to generate 15,000MW of solar power.