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Performance tech designed for US solar array

NxGen designs telecoms module for 20 MW solar project to meet California's energy goals

NxGen’s technology will monitor the performance of the solar array which is based in California

A US firm has designed technology to monitor the performance of a solar array in California. The telecommunications component, which San Jose firm NxGen Modular has designed, has been developed for power firm Pacific Gas & Electric’s (PG&E) 20 MW solar project in Huron.  

The solar photovoltaic project, which was completed in eight months, is part of PG&E’s five-year clean energy initiative.

NxGen is a provider of modular data centres and assemblies that are designed to improve customer data centre operational performance and efficiency, lower overall costs, and facilitate seamless growth.

The company specifically designed the telecommunications components to retrieve and store critical performance data for the solar array. The module also integrates protection relays and controls.

Liz Fetter, President and CEO of NxGen Modular, said: “This underscores the point that modular does not mean ‘one-size-fits-all. This project utilised a tailor-made design that was assembled and tested at the manufacturing plant well before the installation date. Once the facility was ready our installation, we were able to deliver and install a pre-tested component very quickly.”

“NxGen is particularly proud to play a role in developing sustainable energy sources that support our state’s – and of course the data centre industry’s – growing need for power.”