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Pakistan eyes Chinese solar expertise to meet energy demand

Pakistan looks to China to help make the most of its, as yet largely untapped, solar potential

China's proven track record in solar technology development is viewed highly by Pakistan

Pakistan could benefit from Chinese technological breakthroughs in solar energy to help it meet its growing energy needs, its prime minister, Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani said on Monday.

Pakistan’s energy needs are being constrained due to the severe electricity shortages, said the prime minister on the sidelines of the BOAO Economic Forum. The combat this, all measures were being taken by the government to address these needs, he said at the high-level event is held every year to allow leaders to discuss the latest pressing issues in Asia.

Talking to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of China’s Suntech Power Holding, Shi Zhengrong, the prime minister said Pakistan was seeking alternative and renewable energy to help solve its energy needs.

China has a rapidly growing solar market and plans to ramp up production as part of its five-year plan. This knowledge and capacity could be useful to Pakistan which is keen to make the most of its solar potential, said the prime minister.

The prime minister invited Zhengrong to visit Pakistan to see the potential of solar energy and the needs of the industrial and domestic users.

As the price of solar electricity comes down and the cost of convential electricity increases, more and more countries, such as Pakistan, are seeing the benefits of switching to solar and are looking to overseas giants, such as China for inspiration.