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Norwegian PV modules to cut solar manufacturing costs in Asia

REC and ASM Technology Singapore will develop MWT modules to improve solar manufacturing processes

REC will make the back contact modules using Metal Wrap Through (MWT) technology

A Norwegian energy firm is to produce PV modules for Asia that have the potential to improve solar manufacturing processes. Norway’s Renewable Energy Corporation (REC) has partnered with solar supplier ASM Technology Singapore to develop the back contact modules which aim to cut manufacturing costs. The technology will be developed under the Clean Energy Research Program (CERP) for Southeast Asia. 

The modules are based on back contact cells using Metal Wrap Through (MWT) technology. The REC proposal aims for the technology to reduce module manufacturing costs and improve module efficiency.

According to the firm this will allow manufacturers to stay cost competitive without compromising the quality and performance that customers expect.

The companies will be awarded a grant worth over EUR 1.2m from the CERP to develop and industrialise the “cost-effective and high performing” back contact modules for Singapore.

Luc Graré, senior vice president, sales and marketing, cells and modules for REC Solar, said: “REC is proud to receive this grant from the CERP for one of our new cell technology projects. This new technology has the potential to optimise manufacturing processes while increasing module power to benefit solar consumers.”