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Kipp & Zonen extends warranty on solar radiation instruments

Kipp & Zonen, the market leader in solar radiation measurement solutions, is proud to announce an increase of the warranty period on the majority of their instruments from two to five years.

Backed by the quality and stability of Kipp & Zonen, the new 5-year warranty gives customers additional confidence in long-term reliable and accurate solar radiation monitoring.

Kipp & Zonen instruments are deployed in a variety of climates around the world; from harsh and extremely cold Arctic regions to hot, dry and dusty desert areas. But, when well taken care of and properly maintained, they are convinced that they can offer a 5-year warranty to their customers.

"We wouldn't offer a guarantee of this magnitude if we weren't completely confident that our instruments are the most reliable available today,” explains Jan-Willem Sips, Business Developer Service at Kipp & Zonen. “Our passion for precision results in the high quality and stability of our products, and our extended warranty completely supports that focus. The extended warranty of the industry’s favourite pyranometers was not a difficult decision. We often receive 20 years old pyranometers back for recalibration that are still performing within the specs!”

The extended warranty applies to the majority of Kipp & Zonen’s solar radiation instruments; such as the CMP and SMP series pyranometers, the pyrgeometers and pyrheliometers, purchased from January 2016 onwards. To activate the free warranty extension only requires an online registration and a recalibration within due time.

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