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JinkoSolar to launch smart modules to increase PV power by 20%

China PV producer announces launch of smart modules to improve underperforming solar cells and reduce PV module failure

Pv module
JinkoSolar said the smart modules use cell technology to improve the working performance of PV systems

Chinese firm JinkoSolar has announced it will launch a series of smart modules this week which can increase PV power generation by 20 per cent. The company, which has production operations in China, said the JinkoSolar Smart Modules, will use cell technology to improve underperforming solar cells and reduce risk of PV module failure.  

The smart modules, which will be launched at the Japan PV Expo this week, will correct mismatch issues towards PV cells and module strings by using embedded cell optimizer ICs. These provide sub-panel level maximum power point tracking (MPPT) functions.

JinkoSolar said this allows any underperforming cell or PV module strings to continue contributing power to the string, while not restricting the power flow of the others. The smart modules will also significantly minimise the risk of hot spots which are a primary cause of PV module failure, the solar firm said. As a result, electricity generation increases by approximately 20 per cent, compared with standard solar modules, which tend to have difficulty operating in unfavourable conditions, such as in the shade and cloudy skies, JinkoSolar said.

Kangping Chen, JinkoSolar chief Executive Officer, said: "We are pleased to introduce the latest advancement in JinkoSolar technology. Our smart modules will significantly improve working performance for the PV system. With the introduction of a new generation of smart modules, JinkoSolar will continue to provide customers with affordable clean energy choices."

JinkoSolar follows other Chinese solar firms developing modules to better PV performance, particularly in extreme conditions. This includes JA Solar, which earlier this month, became the world’s first solar manufacturer to receive CQC accreditation for the performance of its PV modules in extreme environments, including high temperatures and high altitudes.