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JA Solar PV cells surpass 20% conversion efficiency

China PV firm achieves efficiency above 20% with p-type mono-crystalline silicon solar cells

JA Solar PV cells surpass 20 per cent conversion efficiency
JA Solar said achieving more than 20 per cent conversion efficiency is of great importance for manufacturing high-performance solar cells

World leading Chinese PV manufacturer JA Solar has announced its latest solar cells have surpassed 20 per cent conversion efficiency. The development has been achieved with the company's p-type mono-crystalline silicon (mono-Si) solar cells, a new family of high-performance solar cells dubbed PERCIUM.

The conversion efficiency has been independently confirmed and certified by the Fraunhofer ISE's photovoltaic calibration laboratory (CalLab) in Freiburg, Germany. JA Solar, which is one of the world's largest manufacturers of high-performance solar power products, said the efficiency sets an industry-leading level for industrial size (156x156 mm(2) ) solar cells using p-type mono-Si wafers.

Yong Liu, CTO of JA Solar, said: "This latest above 20 per cent conversion efficiency of solar cells using p-type mono-Si wafers is of great importance in terms of cost-effectively manufacturing high-performance solar cells and modules. It is also a further boost to our efforts to meet the growing demand for high-performance solar power products."

The breakthrough follows JA Solar's recent announcement of the industry-leading efficiency of its multi-crystalline silicon ("multi-Si") solar cells. JA Solar said it plans to introduce the new cell technology into mass production within the next six months and integrate the new high-efficiency cells into module assembly lines for commercial use. It also comes after news earlier this year that the Chinese firm has started mass production of its metal wrap-through ("MWT") solar cells.

Wei Shan, chief scientist and general R&D manager of JA Solar, said: "This result builds on the momentum that our R&D team has generated in recent months. We have repeatedly achieved average conversion efficiency of over 20 per cent since May of this year on over 10,000 cells. We're fully confident in bringing such products to serve our clients' needs. Our R&D team has an excellent track record of commercialising cutting-edge technologies and we look forward to transitioning these high-efficiency cells into mass production soon."