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Investor to boost Italy’s solar power

Subsidiary firm secures EUR16m to invest in 7MW of solar plants in the Italian province

Amplio Solar’s 3MW site in Casteltermini, Sicily
Amplio Solar’s 3MW site in Casteltermini, Sicily

Italy is set to increase its solar power capacity after a major investment has been made to further develop plants in the country. Solar subsidiary group Amplio Solar, of renewables investor the Amplio Group, has secured EUR 16m to invest in 7MW of solar plants in the Italian province of Latina, Lazio.

The expansion brings Amplio Solar’s fully operational solar portfolio to over 30MW, with a total investment to date of approximately EUR 120m.

Amplio Solar has built and project financed the 7MW of solar plants in Latina, Lazio, with firm Rios Renovables in Spain as engineering, procurement and construction contractor. This latest investment underlines a successful 18 months for Amplio Solar, a period in which it has constructed approximately 20MW of solar plants, following the expansion of the team in 2010.

Amplio Solar’s portfolio now reaches across a number of regions of Italy. 20MW of ground mounted plants are distributed in Sicily (3MW), Puglia (8MW), Lazio (7MW) and Abruzzo (2MW). 10MW of rooftop mounted photovoltaic arrays are clustered in southern Sardinia, in a high sunlight area where Amplio Solar also expects to build approximately 30MW of similar additional rooftop PV plants throughout 2012.

The company said that Italy remains, at least in the short term, an attractive place for solar investment, particularly in selected sectors like rooftop mounted PV plants of less than 1 MW and small size residential and commercial plants.

Alberto Dalla Rosa, CEO of Amplio Solar, said: "We are excited to announce the continued expansion of Amplio Solar’s business, which strengthens our regional diversification and brings our total solar developments across Italy to over 30MW. Despite the challenging economic backdrop, we remain confident in the continued growth of Amplio Solar and look forward to reporting further substantial progress, in Italy and abroad, in the course of the year."