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India solar power provider strikes 10MW deal with Luxembourg counterpart

Rays Power reaches agreement with CNPV for installation of India solar farm as part of 30+MW project.

Solar farm in India
Rays Power will use CNPV’s technology to construct the solar farm in India.

An Indian solar power provider has signed a 10MW PV technology deal for installation of a solar farm in cooperation with a Luxembourg PV producer. Luxembourg’s CNPV will provide 30+MW of PV power technology for the solar farm, which is being built in India.

India’s Rays Power will use the technology to construct the solar farm and install CNPV’s solar panels. 10MW has already been delivered to Rays Power to develop the solar power plant.

Rays Power is an energy provider specialising in solar power plant development. The company has constructed a 100MW capacity solar park in Rajasthan, as well a 25MW solar park in Andhra Pradesh. The company has developed various solar power projects at a combined capacity of 27MW across India. The firm said it has plans to start more projects to total 40MW in capacity.

Mr Bypina Veerraju Chaudary, CNPV's COO & CTO, praised Rays Power’s ‘large-scale’ portfolio and said it was a factor to the deal’s agreement.

He said: "Their provision of large-scale private sector solar parks within India, such as those in Rajasthan and in Andhra Pradesh, is typical of their strategic forethought as they overcome the issue of availability of dispute-free land and provide economies of scale to the benefit of solar power developers. It is exciting to be part of this solar business model revolution."

Mr Ketan Mehta, director, Rays Power, spoke further about what the deal with CNPV means to their overall solar portfolio.

He said: "Our selection of suppliers and the criterion we use for evaluation is crucially important. CNPV has demonstrated a winning portfolio of standards that fully delivers to our needs and we are excited about our collective prospects as we pierce the market together."

CNPV has made deals with BRIC countries over the past few years. This includes agreeing a partnership with German company Donauer to increase PV opportunities for the South American market in June 2012.