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India plans PV module manufacturing plants for 1000MW solar park

SECI signs agreement with Andhra Pradesh infrastructure group to construct 1000MW India solar park with factories to manufacture PV modules and solar cells

PV modules
Demand from the factories, which will manufacture PV modules, aims to help local India firms recover from a solar panels glut

The Indian government plans to add PV module and solar cell manufacturing factories to a 1000MW solar park project under development in Andhra Pradesh, according to reports. The factories will manufacture solar power equipment including PV modules and solar cells for the solar park, which will be built in Mahboobnagar district of state Andhra Pradesh, South India.

State-run company Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has signed an agreement with Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation to construct the solar park, Bloomberg reports. The park will have 1,000MW power capacity, as well as factories to produce PV modules and solar cells. It will also have facilities to train workers for the solar industry, the SECI said.

SECI and Andhra Pradesh Industrial will hold an auction to award the 1,000MW of generation capacity to PV developers to build the solar park.

Demand from the factories under construction aim to help local manufacturers in India’s solar industry “recover from a glut of panels.” The plans also come as panel prices are reported to be “bottoming out” after falling more than 60 per cent in two years, amid a global supply glut, the SECI told Bloomberg.

The news of plans for the factories follows other developments in manufacturing PV modules in India. In November 2013, Indian PV manufacturer Vikram Solar announced plans to launch a PV module made completely from materials in India. The PV module, which is planned for launch in 2014, will use raw materials, including solar cells, glass, EVA, backsheets and frames, which have all been manufactured by India-based firms.

At the time of the announcement, Sunil Rathi, president, sales at Vikram Solar, said using local raw materials in India is a “win-win” situation for solar projects.

“The use of local raw materials will ensure low lead-time and inventory benefits while offering faster turnaround time for executing Indian solar projects, thereby leading to a win-win situation for all,” Rathi said.