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Germany solar firm signs deal to help East China city become PV leader

IBC SOLAR forms five year agreement with Hefei to help it become first “photovoltaic application city” and lead in solar PV power plant installation in China

The solar PV agreement aims to help the city of Hefei lead in photovoltaic power plant installation in China

A solar PV firm in Germany has signed a five year agreement with East China city Hefei to help it become the first “photovoltaic application city” in the BRIC country. Germany PV firm IBC SOLAR AG, a global leader in photovoltaic systems, and Hefei in Anhui Province, have signed a cooperation agreement to help the region become a “major player” in the PV industry supply chain and lead in solar photovoltaic power plant installation in China.

The agreement was formed at Germany solar event Intersolar 2013, which took place earlier this month. For the official signing of the solar PV agreement, IBC SOLAR welcomed a delegation of the Hefei Economic and Information Commission. The news follows other EU-BRIC solar PV announcements made at the event. This includes China solar firm CSUN launching a series of photovoltaic modules for the European PV market, which aim to increase efficiency, reduce power losses and speed up installation times. 

Zhang Qingjun, mayor of Hefei, said the solar PV deal with IBC SOLAR will help the city become a major player for the entire PV value chain, from the manufacturing of photovoltaic components to PV power plant installation.

Qingjun said: “We are delighted to sign this agreement with IBC SOLAR after a long and thorough preparatory phase. Hefei is ready to become the first photovoltaic application city in China. The municipal government looks forward to working with IBC SOLAR, one of the world’s leading PV application integrators, to reach its goals. With this powerful cooperation, Hefei is confident that in future it will develop into the major player for the entire PV value chain – from the manufacturing of components to the installation of PV power plants.”

China PV “high hopes” for EU

Rudolf Sebald, vice president of IBC SOLAR AG and managing director of IBC SOLAR China, said the agreement gives him high hopes that the China solar PV market will open up for European businesses further.

“China is one of the most important future PV markets for IBC SOLAR and Hefei is a key location for the PV industry in this country. Therefore, we are especially proud of supporting its further development as the first ‘PV Application City’ in China,” he said. “We already have business relationships in this region and are thrilled to be able to strengthen our regional engagement by cooperating with the Hefei municipality. Especially as such future-oriented collaborations give us high hopes that the market will continue to open up for European businesses.”

IBC SOLAR said it will promote the development of PV applications in Hefei by providing more than 30 years of experience in photovoltaic technology, engineering and management. Hefei’s municipal government will support the implementation of IBC SOLAR PV solutions in the China city and provide a suitable demonstration site for IBC SOLAR’s advanced energy supply solutions. Effective as of the agreement signing, the cooperation will last five years.