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Germany’s Singulus Technologies to deliver solar cell production machines to M-Cells in China

German PV equipment maker signs deal with Chinese solar firm to supply vacuum coatings machines for PERC solar cell production

Solar cells close up
The vacuum coatings machines will be used in the production of PERC solar cells

German PV equipment manufacturer Singulus Technologies has a signed a deal to deliver solar cell production machines to firm M-Cells in China. The German company, a supplier of production equipment for silicon and thin-film solar cell, will deliver 16 vacuum coatings machines to the Chinese firm to produce PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Cell) Solar Cells.

The contract between M-Cells and Singulus Technologies includes an option for the purchase of Singular XP machines in the double-digit million range. The Singular XP vacuum coating equipment is intended for the rear side passivation of crystalline PERC solar cells in the production of 500MW highly efficient multi-cells. The delivery for the first machine to China is scheduled for the first quarter of 2014.

Stefan Rinck, Singulus Technologies CEO and the vice general manager of M-Cells, Ximing Zhou, said the cooperation in the area of solar cell production is an explicit goal for both companies.

Rinck said: "The increase in efficiency of solar cells is extremely important. We are convinced that we will be able to combine the latest and cutting-edge technology from Germany with M-Cells' know-how for a mutual success."

The vice general manager of M-Cells, Ximing Zhou, added: "M-Cells has already reached important milestones in the area of multi-cell efficiency and I firmly believe that together with Singulus we will make rapid progress for M-Cells to continue its leading position in the international solar cell market."

The news follows other German companies working with China to build up solar power in the BRIC country. This includes German solar PV firm IBC SOLAR AG, which signed a five-year agreement with East China city Hefei, in June this year, to help it become the first photovoltaic application city in the BRIC country.

Singulus Technologies said the vacuum coating machine Singular XP is intended for the passivation of cells' rear side at M-Cells' factory in China. The Singular XP is specifically designed for the production capacity of a typical cell production line.

With the further increase of the present cell efficiency at M-Cells through the use of the Singular XP, M-Cells', this should meet the Chinese government's requirement of an efficiency of polycrystalline solar cells of at least 18 per cent in the future, said Singulus.