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German and Canadian firms partner to develop solar tracking technology

US and Canadian firms of TecnoSun Solar announce partnership to commercialise EcoChamp systems

The tracking technology will be marketed for solar across the US

The US branch of a German firm has partnered with a Canadian spin off to develop and market solar tracking systems. TecnoSun Solar will work with TecnoSun Solar Canada to commercialise EcoChamp tracking systems in North, Central and South American markets.

TecnoSun Solar USA said that the TecnoSun Solar EcoChamp tracking systems are designed to achieve up to 40 per cent higher efficiencies for the commercial solar market. The low profile, high density design of the EcoChamp tracking systems respond to several key concerns for commercial and utility-scale developers in the solar industry.

The low profile engineering of the system resolves the issue of wind and risk of shade given its compact architecture. The shallow lightweight structure makes for an easier installation both on rooftop and ground-mount applications. The layout of the EcoChamp system provides a high density solution, requiring less land in comparison to other tracking systems.

TecnoSun said the proposed economic advantages of the EcoChamp series include a quicker and less expensive installation, reduced land requirement, reduced production cost of energy, and minimised operations/maintenance costs.

Ken Rounds, chairman of the board of TecnoSun Solar Canada, said: "We are excited to commercialise TecnoSun Solar’s unique tracking technology to the commercial rooftop and the solar field markets across the Americas. This technology represents a paradigm shift in the solar tracking sector of the industry. On average solar tracking systems typically increase electricity production between 20 to 40 per cent. However, the main drawback of current market competitors’ tracking systems is the long-term unreliability due to their dependence on electronics and moving parts. TecnoSun Solar’s simple design equals system reliability."

TecnoSun Solar Canada was established as an independent company earlier this year. TecnoSun Solar USA remains a branch of the German company TecnoSun Solar.