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Firm launches rooftop solar system for Japan

Residential PV system is designed to fit on Japanese flat concrete roofs

The solar PV system is designed for flat residential rooftops in Japan
The solar PV system is designed for flat residential rooftops in Japan

A solar firm has designed a PV system for residential rooftops in Japan. The residential rooftop PV system, which has been developed by solar equipment integrator GCL-Poly Energy, is designed to fit on a typical Japanese flat concrete rooftop.

The system is described as an easy-to-install kit which is composed of high-efficiency crystalline silicon modules, matching rack-mount components and a reliable inverter. The performance of the system is further enhanced with real time panel-level maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and system monitoring using Tigo Energy’s DC Maximizer solutions.

Known for its upstream polysilicon and wafer production and downstream system integration and solar farm development capabilities, GCL-Poly plans to provide optimised solutions of integrated PV equipment in order to further enhance the product performance at system level, and drive down system cost through economy of scale and system standardisation. The residential rooftop system is one of the product series of solar system integration business of GCL-Poly.

GCL-Poly said its drive to improve the quality of the crystalline silicon wafers “sets a strong foundation for the continuous improvement of the efficiency of PV modules. By deploying higher efficiency PV modules, GCL-Poly residential system is able to harvest more solar power in space-constrained metropolitan rooftops.”

The integration of smart electronics in the system will also minimise the power loss caused by shading from closely packed adjacent buildings. As a result, GCL-Poly residential rooftop system will see a much wider application in the residential market.