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EU-imposed China PV duties will have “detrimental” effect on Western solar, says CEO

Decision to impose tariff rate on Chinese made PV could affect volume quality and slow down solar industry in the West

Nick Boyle says China will take a “dim view” of how the EU has treated their industry, which can only have a detrimental effect

The CEO of the UK's leading solar power developer has stressed that duties levied by Europe on Chinese manufactured PV panels will have a "detrimental" effect on Western solar technology development and slowdown the industry. Nick Boyle, CEO of UK leading solar energy generator Lightsource, has said the EU's decision made to impose solar duties on 6 June, which saw an 11.8 per cent tariff rate introduced, could affect the "quality" volume of solar technology, slow down development and reduce deployment.

He said the decision would particularly affect the UK, as it attempts to move away from a "Cottage industry." This could stop EU targets from being met to produce 20 per cent of energy from renewables by 2020.

"It will slow development," Boyle said. "It will reduce deployment because the number of financially viable sites will be reduced. We have taken huge strides so far and this progress will be slowed down, meaning we cannot reach the scale that we are currently on track to deliver. We cannot invest and develop the way we could if we were left unchecked.

"We feel that any duty levied by Europe on Chinese solar panels will have a hugely detrimental effect on the industry as a whole, most significantly in areas such as the UK where the industry is working hard to move from cottage industry to fully fledged business sector," he said.