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Dutch inverter tech selected for 30MW solar power plant in India

AEG Power Solutions awarded PV power plant project from Indian firm M and B Switchgears

AEGPS will provide M and B Switchgears with high reliability inverters for their solar power plant in India within the first quarter of 2013

An Indian firm has selected Dutch inverter technology to develop a 30MW solar power plant in the BRIC country. Netherlands firm AEG Power Solutions, a leading global manufacturer of power electronic systems and solutions for industrial power supplies and renewable energies, has been awarded a 30MW solar power plant project from the pioneers of Renewable Energy Certificate Mechanisms in India, M and B Switchgears.
AEGPS will provide M and B Switchgears, located in Madhya Pradesh, with high reliability inverters for their solar power plant in India within the first quarter of 2013.

Sridhar Murthy, managing director of AEG Power Solutions in India, said: “We are thrilled to have bagged this contract. We start the year with two major achievements: this 30MW contract and totaling orders over 100MW within the last one year. The growing energy demand in the country requires an uninterruptable power supply and a reliable infrastructure for industrial power users. AEG PS offers a consistent product portfolio covering these demands perfectly.”
Bob Roos, VP Solar Strategic Business Unit of AEG Power Solutions, added:  “Developing ourselves in India meant facing specific challenges; technical challenges due to location and climates, as well as market challenges due to fierce competition. This contract is a success for our Indian team and a step forward in our development on the Indian solar market.”

With a strong service capability and a local state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for centralised solar inverters, AEGPS said it has met varied customer expectations despite the market challenges in the last twelve months.   

Vikalp Mundra, director M and B Switchgears, said: “We are glad to have AEGPS as our partners on board for this project. M and B Switchgears was the first solar power producer in India to be issued 249 solar Renewable Energy Certificates. Partnering with AEGPS, known for their premium quality and highly efficient products, will further strengthen our commitment towards an alternative energy future.”

PV technology from EU firms is often being selected to develop solar power projects in India. This includes Spain’s Abengoa SA (ABG), which announced it was building a factory to make equipment for solar thermal power plants in the country in May 2012.