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DuPont & Zhenfa New Energy in China materials research for solar

China arm of US firm DuPont signs cooperation agreement with Zhenfa New Energy for materials research to improve performance of solar power installations

DuPont China and Zhenfa New Energy will conduct research to understand materials' critical impact on solar energy

US firm Dupont is to collaborate with China’s Zhenfa New Energy on research into advanced materials to improve the performance of solar power installations. The Chinese arm of the US solar materials supplier, DuPont China, has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhenfa New Energy, a leading engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) and power generation company in China, which aims to improve the performance, reliability and return on investment of solar power installations.  

DuPont China and Zhenfa New Energy will cooperate in optimising a selection of durable solar materials and technologies used in solar panels. All of the solar panels installed by Zhenfa are intended to be manufactured with DuPont’s Tedlar polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) film-based backsheets. DuPont said it is the only material proven to reliably protect solar panels for over 30 years, even under extreme environmental conditions. 

The companies will work together to optimise solar energy power production and performance, as well as conduct field research on panel reliability and failure modes. This aims to better understand materials’ critical impact on solar energy system, DuPont said.

Chuck Xu, global business director of DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions, said: “We are delighted to expand our relationship with Zhenfa New Energy into a more strategic relationship that leverages advanced materials critical to the reliable, long-term performance of solar panels for their solar installations. DuPont continues to advance material science to improve the performance, reliability and return on investment in solar to help make it more competitive with other forms of electricity.”

Zhenfa Zha, Zhenfa New Energy general manager, added: “We are excited to collaborate with DuPont to employ quality solar materials and technology support to help maintain long-term power generation, operations management and cost optimisation at our solar installations. This will ultimately benefit our customers with cheaper, cleaner electricity.”