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Dow Corning to reveal China-developed PV solutions at SNEC

US firm Dow Corning to introduce silicon PV solutions developed by China-based R&D team at SNEC solar event in Shanghai to increase solar efficiency and cut costs

PV for solar power
Dow Corning said the PV solutions revealed at China event SNEC are designed to meet increased demand for solar efficiency

US silicon technology firm Dow Corning will reveal its latest China-developed PV solutions to increase efficiency and reduce costs at solar event SNEC next week. Dow Corning, headquartered in US state Michigan, will introduce silicon PV solutions developed by the company’s China-based R&D team, at the 8th International Photovoltaic Conference and Expo, SNEC, in Shanghai.

Dow Corning said it will introduce several silicon PV solutions at the event, which takes place in Shanghai, China, from 20 to 22 May. The PV solutions are designed to meet the increased industry demand for product efficiency and LCOE (Levelized Cost of Electricity) reduction, the company said.

Dow Corning is the latest Western firm to announce it will reveal new technology developments for PV at SNEC this year. Earlier this month, German metals and technology group Heraeus revealed it will announce a production site to manufacture its PV metallisation pastes in Asia at the event.

Dow Corning will debut at SNEC its potting agent solution PV-7326. The silicon PV solution has been developed with a focus to “drive down costs, enhance system performance and help make solar more competitive with traditional forms of energy.”

The silicon potting material is a tailor-made product for PV J-box potting, which protects internal components from corrosion and from making the PV J-box smaller. The new potting agent therefore helps PV module manufacturers reduce cost and improve performance, the company said.

Dow Corning said as a “trusted technology collaborator with solar businesses along the value chain - including cell and module manufacturers, installers, project developers, utilities and investors - we understand their needs for reliable, high performance and cost effective PV solutions.”

Francois Bertero, Dow Corning global solar market manager, said: “By bringing several new, breakthrough solutions to the global solar market, Dow Corning underscores its full commitment to the PV industry, by helping create more powerful, reliable systems.”

In addition to PV-7326, Dow Corning will also feature several silicone-based solutions at SNEC. These include PV-5802, a conductive adhesive for assembling a PV module’s back contact. The firm said the PV solution helps to increase long-term sustainability and reduce cost. PV-6212 will also be displayed, which is an optically clear silicone encapsulant. Dow Corning said the PV solution provides high transmission of light to the cell and superior reliability and durability for solar modules.