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Clenergy tops China solar mounting systems enterprise list

China & Australia firm wins award for coming top in 2013 solar mounting systems enterprise list for leading BRIC country PV magazine

PV for solar mounting system
Clenergy said its range of solar mounting systems have been widely applied in multiple PV power projects around the world

Chinese and Australian firm Clenergy has topped a 2013 list of enterprises in solar mounting systems. Clenergy, which is a Sino-Australian solar solution provider, has come top in the 2013 China solar mounting systems enterprises list for the BRIC country’s leading PV magazine Shine.

The magazine awarded Clenergy for its performance in China’s photovoltaic industry. The solar solutions firm also received a special award for being the “most trustworthy solar mounting system enterprise.

Shine’s objective of the awards is to recommend the “finest enterprises” in the solar PV industry to China’s end customers. The rankings are based on two key factors: the candidate companies’ market share; and their business performance.

Clenergy said winning the awards give the company an “important recognition, confirming its market-leading position in China,” as well as its contributions to China’s solar PV industry. The awards also follow the firm winning the China Cleantech Top 20 Award in 2012.

The Sino-Australian firm said its solar mounting system range, PV-ezRack, features innovative technology, safety and high efficiency, while remaining user friendly. PV-ezRack has been widely applied in multiple PV power projects around the world, including a PV system on the Australian Parliament House.

Clenergy said: “China is one of Clenergy’s most dynamic markets with the key focus being on EPC business along with the continued sales of the PV-ezRack mounting systems and utility scale inverters.”

Building on its achievements in the global markets of solar mounting system, Clenergy has entered new business fields called, solar project investments and solar project services.

Clenergy said the company’s goal is “to professionalise these markets and to lead further development in the clean energy industry. Clenergy remains fully committed to its continuous efforts to promote clean energy worldwide.”