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Clenergy to install ground mount system for first utility scale solar power plant in China

Chinese solar manufacturer installs ground mount solar PV system for 20.6MW plant in Xinjiang

PV power plant
The 20.6MW solar power project is China’s first utility scale solar power plant

Chinese firm Clenergy has provided a PV system for the BRIC country's first utility scale solar power plant. The Chinese solar manufacturer has supplied a "ground mount" solar system for the 20.6MW plant in Yanqi County, Xinjiang.

Clenergy said the Power project is the BRIC country's first utility scale solar power plant, which "opens the door to further developments in China's renewable energy industry."

The news also follows other solar power developments in China's Xinjiang. This includes Chinese solar firm Samil Power securing a deal to develop 2.6GW of PV power plants in the province.

The power plant covers over 562,000sq m and is located at Yanqi New Energy Industrial Park. The land surrounding the industrial park is mostly desert and provides high levels of solar irradiance, which Clenergy said is suitable for installing solar power plants. The region also has extreme weather conditions, such as strong winds and snow, which makes constructing solar power plants challenging.

Clenergy has used its C-steel mounting solution for the solar power plant, which the company describes as a low-cost tailor-made system for large-scale ground mount projects. The technology, which is based on Clenergy's PV-ezRack SolarTerrace I-B system, can also withstand extreme weather conditions.

The local government expects the solar plant in Xinjiang to have an annual output of 27mkWh. This should to help boost local economy and balance the local energy deficit.