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Chinese-US solar tech collaboration to boost PV on rooftops

Trina Solar’s Trinasmart uses Tigo Energy optimisation tech to maximise roof space and PV power output

The technology aims to maximise roof space for solar panels

A Chinese solar manufacturer has teamed up with a US solar optimiser to release technology to boost efficiency for rooftop PV. Trina Solar has worked with US firm Tigo Energy to develop its ‘Trinasmart’ solar solution series, which aims to maximise roof space and overall power output for PV. 

Trina Solar chose US firm Tigo Energy optimisation technology to launch the line. The company’s PV solar optimiser utilises patented impedance matching technology, which claims to allow more modules on any roof, uneven string lengths and different orientations.

Sam Arditi, president of Tigo Energy, said: "We are proud that our optimisers were chosen to launch Trina Solar's new Trinasmart solution. We are excited to help Trina Solar bring smart modules mainstream to improve project value for both end users and installers."

Trina Solar describes this new line as a comprehensive solution to maximise roof space and overall power output. The company said: “The ‘Trinasmart Maximizer’ uses built-in technology to find the exact optimal operating point of each module accurately and quickly. It also prevents shading issues from diminishing the output of other modules with its ‘Impedance Matching’ technology.

“This innovation results in up to 20 per cent higher power output for arrays impacted by shading and up to 8 per cent higher output for ‘perfect’ installations. Additionally, the ‘Trinasmart Maximizer’ allows for varying string lengths and roof angles, enabling installers to maximise roof coverage.”

Trina Solar claims that Trinasmart also offers advantages in terms of safety. The solution allows owners to monitor system performance at the module level, track historical data and compile important system information via computer, mobile phone or tablet PC.

Trinasmart is proposed to improve module safety by shutting down modules automatically in case of electrical failure and allowing modules to be turned off remotely. Furthermore, users can receive weekly or monthly reports as well as monitor their system online.

Mark Kingsley, Trina Solar's chief commercial officer said: “Trinasmart furthers Trina Solar's commitment to providing an end-to-end solar solution for our customers. When our customers choose Trina Solar, they get more than high-performing panels, they get a partner that lowers the overall cost of going solar while increasing their profits.”