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Chinese and US firms partner to launch cheaper PV tech

ZNShine and Ampt pave way for affordable solar modules with higher energy performance

ZNShine and Ampt’s smart solar modules will lower the costs and increase energy output

A Chinese solar manufacturer has teamed up with a US power conversion technology firm to launch cheaper optimized PV solar modules in the US, Europe and Asia, it emerged yesterday. ZNShine and Ampt will cooperate on smart solar modules that will lower overall PV system costs and increase energy output.

ZNShine will incorporate Ampt’s technology in its solar panels via Shoals Technologies’ MultiLink™ junction box to deliver more energy per module, while helping system integrators to lower the cost of balance-of-system (BOS) components.

“Our optimized PV modules leveraging Ampt technology will further the adoption of our solar module solution in the U.S. market, while strengthening and diversifying our product portfolio available to existing commercial customers in Europe and Asia,” said Conny Axel Hulverscheidt, director of marketing at ZNShine.

ZNShine’s solar module will integrate the Shoals MultiLink Accessory Module that is powered by Ampt and uses Ampt’s DC/DC module-level optimizers and patented Smart Panel Technology™.

Ampt's optimizers maximise output by delivering the full available power of each solar module and recovering lost energy from non-uniform degradation, the company said.

The ZNShine modules, powered by Ampt, should lower the cost of other system components including the central or string inverter, cabling and combiner boxes to decrease overall PV system cost and significantly reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCOE).

“ZNShine has an excellent reputation in Europe and Asia, and we are excited to announce this partnership, as it will allow our technology to reach a broader market,” said Levent Gun, CEO at Ampt.

“We look forward to working together with ZNShine to provide our global customers with a unique solution that can lower PV system costs,” he added.