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Chinese modules chosen for US landfill redevelopment PV project

JinkoSolar to supply PV panels for project to transform “brownfield” site into solar array

JinkoSolar will supply its PV panels for the project to transform a landfill site into a solar array

Chinese PV modules have been chosen for a redevelopment project to transform a US landfill into a solar array. China’s JinkoSolar, a global solar power manufacturer, will supply its ground-mounted solar panels to a 5.75 MW array located on the site of a former landfill in Canton, Massachusetts.

In partnership with Boston-based renewable energy project developer Southern Sky Renewable Energy LLC (SSRE), the project brings life to the space which has been unused for 20 years to serve as a valuable revenue generator for the local community.

Upon completion later this year, the solar array will produce enough solar energy to generate USD 16.3m in property lease and energy generation revenue for the town of Canton.

The Canton landfill project is part of a growing movement to revitalise abandoned, underused industrial areas known as "brownfields" and convert them into economically productive, clean power-generating sites.

JinkoSolar worked with New England-based ISM Solar Solutions, LLC and SSRE to design and implement a solar panel array that maximises energy generation capacity for the 15-acre site. The facility was constructed by Gemma Renewable Power, LLC, a nationally recognised engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor that provides a full range of services to owners and developers of renewable energy projects.

Francis X. McMahon, managing director of SSRE, said: "Hundreds of closed landfills across the state are sitting idle when they can, in fact, be turned into major sources of revenue. For communities like Canton that are in dire need of tangible economic growth, solar power arrays provide a major opportunity.

“With this opportunity in mind, we opted for JinkoSolar's ground-mounted solar panels because they provide a non-invasive, topographical solution that is perfectly designed for this type of project. We look forward to showcasing this project as a case study for a new, environmentally-sound direction for communities like Canton," he added.

The town of Canton explored several options for repurposing the former landfill site, many of which they rejected due to capital intensity. In 2010, following a request for proposals for the landfill solar project, Canton selected SSRE's proposal. After analysing the revenue generation potential, various town boards reviewed and signed off on the USD 25m project that incorporates 19,844 JinkoSolar solar modules - making it one of the largest solar electric developments in New England.

"Redevelopment projects like this bring a multitude of benefits to local communities, in addition to the inherent advantages of clean, renewable power generation," said Arturo Herrero, chief marketing officer at JinkoSolar. "As a global company with a vested interest in the communities where we do business, we strive to partake in sustainable solutions that are economically - and environmentally - viable in the long run. We are proud to be a part of this project in partnership with SSRE because it sets the stage for a new era of vitality in Canton."

SSRE has signed on for a 25-year lease to operate the Canton landfill solar site, which is expected to come online later this year.