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Chinese manufacturer to supply 50 MW of PV to German firm

Suntech will supply solar panels to IBC Solar for PV project

China's Suntech is to supply its PV panels to IBC Solar in Germany

A Chinese PV module manufacturer is to supply its solar panels to a firm in Germany. Chinese solar firm Suntech has signed an agreement to supply 50 MW of solar panels to IBC Solar, a German photovoltaic specialist.

A representative from Suntech confirmed that many of the modules will be resold through the IBC distribution networks; stating that there is “more and more demand from consumers/B2C for Suntech modules. Suntech modules are often requested at IBC for their reliability”. Other modules are intended for large commercial roof top projects, though the project specifics are unknown at this point.

Suntech and IBC Solar have worked together on a number of high profile roof top projects in the past. These include the New Fair Stuttgart in Germany, with a total capacity of 3.45 MW, as well as power plants in Osyan and Warora, both in India with capacities of 5.7 MW.

Norbert Hahn, member of the board of IBC Solar, said: “Some of the criteria that we use to qualify products and brand partners include technology expertise, recognised certifications, consistent quality and long-term product availability.”

“More specifically, we value module manufacturers who invest in research and development to continuously enhance product performance and to deliver the most robust solar modules available on the market. Suntech fulfills all of these criteria and we are delighted to continue our strong partnership.”

The agreement will strengthen the partnership which begun in 2004, while providing high calibre solar systems to installers and resellers remains the shared aim of the two firms.

Vedat Gurgeli, VP sales and marketing for Suntech Europe, said: “Working closely with reliable and high-value business partners such as IBC Solar is central to our long-term strategy. The combination of our high-quality products with the local knowledge and experience of our partners provides a good recipe for success.”