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China’s JA Solar in CQC world first for PV module performance in extreme environments

Chinese firm JA Solar becomes first solar manufacturer to receive accreditation from CQC for extreme performance of its PV modules

PV module in snow
JA Solar said the CQC accreditation will give customers confidence its PV modules perform in extreme environments, such as at high altitude

Chinese firm JA Solar has become the world’s first solar manufacturer to receive CQC accreditation for the performance of its PV modules in extreme environments. JA Solar, which is one of the world's largest solar manufacturers, has announced the China Quality Certification Centre (CQC), China’s largest professional certification body, has certified the performance of the company’s PV modules in extreme environments, including high temperatures and high altitudes.

JA Solar said harsh climate conditions, such as hot-dry, warm-wet, and plateau climates negatively impact PV modules’ reliability, life-span and performance. But existing testing standards do not adequately evaluate PV module performance under these extreme environment conditions.

JA Solar PV modules were tested for reliability and durability under high temperatures in both dry and humid conditions, as well as in conditions simulating those found at high altitudes, as part of the CQC certification process. The tests, which the company said meet and in some cases exceed International Electrotechnical Commission standards, concluded the PV modules continued to perform well in each of these environmental conditions.

Yong Liu, JA Solar’s chief operating officer, said the CQC certification will give customers confidence the company’s modules perform in extreme environments.   

Liu said: “We’re delighted to be the first solar manufacturer to pass this stringent testing, which is a further testament to the superior durability of JA Solar modules and the capabilities of our R&D team. This certification gives our customers additional confidence that JA Solar modules will deliver reliable performance, even in extreme environmental conditions.”

The CQC certification is the latest quality accreditation awarded to JA Solar. The company’s PV products have received many quality certifications, having passed TÜV SÜD’s Thresher tests, TÜV NORD’s salt mist corrosion and sulfur dioxide corrosion tests, ammonia corrosion tests, and dust and sand corrosion tests.

The news from JA Solar is also another development marking the progressive quality of the company’s PV over the last year. The firm announced its p-type mono-crystalline silicon solar cells surpassed 20 per cent conversion efficiency in August 2013.