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China’s Hanwha solar modules to build Guatemala PV park

China manufacturer Hanwha SolarOne delivers 6.2MW of 72-cell solar modules for PV park in Guatemala and strengthens presence in Latin America

Solar modules
Hanwha SolarOne said it hopes to contribute to deploying PV installations in emerging markets, such as in Latin America

Solar modules from Chinese photovoltaic manufacturer Hanwha SolarOne are being used to build a PV park in Guatemala, Latin America. Hanwha SolarOne has delivered 6.2MW of its high quality 72-cell solar modules to a consortium of Spain-based companies Cobra and Gransolar. The solar modules will be installed in a new PV park in Rio Hondo, Las Cruces, Guatemala.

Ramon Petanas, a sales director of Hanwha SolarOne, said he hopes the company will continue working with Gransolar and Cobra to deploy solar installations in growth markets, such as in Latin America.

Petanas said: "We are very pleased to accompany our long-term customers into new regions. Latin America is an area with high potential for solar power. Together with highly experienced EPCs such as Gransolar and Cobra, we hope to contribute to the accelerated deployment of solar installations in emerging markets."

Maengyoon Kim, managing director of Hanwha SolarOne GmbH, added: "We see many opportunities in Latin America, and our company is taking the necessary steps to strengthen our presence in the region.”

Both Gransolar and Cobra specialise in the development, construction, operation and maintenance of renewable energy plants. The companies have been involved in projects across other growth markets, including South Africa. Last year, Cobra, Gransolar and South African company Kensani installed a total of 155MW Hanwha SolarOne modules in the Letsatsi and Lesedi PV parks In South Africa. The PV projects are expected to be connected to the grid in the first half of this year. Hanwha SolarOne has also received the Inmetro certification for its HSL module series, a prerequisite for solar modules imports to Brazil.

100MW China PV project

The news from Hanwha SolarOne also comes as the company today announces it will develop 100MW of PV projects in China.

The Chinese PV manufacturer has signed strategic partnership memorandum of understanding with the Wuxi New District Administrative Committee to develop the PV projects in southern Jiangsu province.

Hanwha SolarOne said the Wuxi Administrative Committee will provide rooftop space, facilitate local government approvals and grid connection, as well as aid with obtaining preferential tax treatment and project financing.

Hanwha SolarOne also announced completed integration of solar cell technology, which aims to optimise PV production processes, in November 2013.