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China tops solar efficiency with multi-wafer

Multicrystalline wafer with 17.6% efficiency is made from polysilicon materials and has improved microstructure

GCL-Poly has said the wafer has topped efficiency for the solar wafer industry
Brighter skies ahead: GCL-Poly has said the wafer has topped efficiency for the solar industry

A multi-wafer developed in China has topped solar efficiency for the industry. China solar firm GCL-Poly, which is a leading polysilicon and wafer supplier, has developed a high efficiency multicrystalline wafer for the solar industry.

The average conversion efficiency of the GCL Multi-Wafer S1+ has reached 17.6 per cent, with an increase of 0.5-0.7 per cent, when compared with the current benchmark.

GCL Poly said the multi wafer “redefines high efficiency multicrystalline wafer and leads to the era of “high efficiency of the global solar industry." It can help to lower the solar power generation cost by more than 2 per cent, resulting in making significant contribution to cost reduction of the whole solar system.

The development of the wafer is based on the innovative apprehension of the theory of silicon material, on which new design of thermal field and precise process developments are based. The wafer is made from electronic grade polysilicon materials produced by GCL-Poly under the most stringent quality control in the industry.

Compared with ordinary multicrystalline wafer, the GCL Multi-Wafer S1+ has improved the microstructure and controlled precisely crystal defects such as dislocations, stacking faults and grain boundaries. At the same time, the wafer has the characteristics of low concentration of carbon, oxygen and metal impurity, and also high minority carrier lifetime as well as uniform doping profile.

GCL-Poly said it will continue to improve the conversion efficiency of the multi-wafer and other products through continuous technical research and development.

Shu Hua, executive president of GCL-Poly, said: “Technological innovation is the core driving force of the survival and development of enterprises, and is the only way to achieve grid parity for the global solar market.

“GCL-Poly launched the high efficiency GCL Multi-Wafer S1+ products, reflecting GCL-Poly’s commitment of providing the most valuable products and services to our customers and demonstrates our role as an industry leader in the research and development of new products.

GCL-Poly will always be committed to the research and development of top-notch solar technology, which can strongly promote grid parity and change the future of mankind by means of green energy.”