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China solar manufacturer Powerway to enter Eastern Europe PV market

Guangdong Province PV company chooses to concentrate on Eastern European markets, including Poland, Ukraine and Romania

PV panels
Illumination resources are relatively high in Eastern Europe, therefore making countries there suitable for constructing photovoltaic solar power plants

Chinese PV manufacturer Powerway has announced it plans to enter the Eastern European solar market. The company is expected to enter solar power markets in Eastern Europe including Poland, Ukraine and Romania, after working on business development plans for many years. The company said solar power in Eastern Europe is an appealing investment for China, despite the dispute between the BRIC country and EU over duties on Chinese PV panels this year.

"The economic and geographical environment in Eastern Europe is attractive to a number of PV enterprises," said Powerway.

The news comes after Chinese solar company Yingli Green Energy announced last week it has chosen to focus on growth markets instead of Europe. However, coupled with the implementation of the Green Certificate subsidy policy, attracting a large number of investors, Powerway said Eastern Europe has great potential to become a key emerging market for solar.

Powerway's district manager Michael Xiao, said: "We have been working on business development in European market for years. We targeted Eastern Europe and through ​​a series of strategic and brand promotions achieved success. Although the policy in recent times in not ideal, we remain confident.

"Our brand is widely recognised by customers in the region," he added. "We will expand our market share in the European market with extensive overseas project experience, innovative ideas, a full range of services and efficient operational capacity."

Powerway said Eastern European countries such as Poland, Ukraine and Romania, have good conditions to build up solar power. While the average temperature is low at around13°C, surface illumination resources are at a relatively high average of 1350kwh/sq m per year. This makes the countries suitable for constructing photovoltaic solar power plants, according to the company.