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China solar manufacturer launches PV modules for Europe

China firm CSUN introduces solar modules to European market to boost efficiency, cut power loss and speed up installation

China’s CSUN is launching a series of PV modules for the European market

A China solar cell manufacturer has launched a series of PV modules for the European market set to increase efficiency, reduce power losses and speed up installation times. The PV modules, which have been manufactured by China solar firm CSUN, are being showcased this week at leading EU solar event Intersolar in Germany.

PV modules launched include the solar company's 1,500 V and a frameless double glass poly, which is light in weight and aims to speed up installation procedures.

The 1,500 V PV module has been designed for high voltage solar systems. CSUN said it is PID (potential induced degradation) free, reduces PV power losses and requires less cable usage.

Stephen Cai, CEO of the CSUN group, said: "CSUN remains to be an innovative leader of the solar industry, clearly underlined by the quantity of its newest innovation. The 1,500 V was designed for high voltage solar systems and reduces power losses in electrical transformers; enables less cable usage for power transmission, and most importantly, is PID (potential induced degradation) free."

In addition to the 1,500V PV module, the China solar firm is also introducing its QSAR II 270-60M module, its Waratah 260-60P module and a double glass poly PV module to the European market. CSUN said the double glass poly solar module comes without a frame, which makes it lighter in weight and faster to install.

Turkish solar manufacturing

CSUN designs, manufactures and delivers high efficiency solar cells and PV modules from its production centers based in China and in Turkey. The company opened its first Turkish manufacturing plant in May this year, which reflects a decision for the firm to expand into emerging solar markets.

William Sheng, vice president global sales and CEO of CSUN's EMEA set up, said the factory will "play a vital role in CSUN's solar supply chain strategy, allowing faster, more flexible and direct supply of European, Middle East and Turkish customers."