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China solar firms in 2.5 GW five-year PV plan

Solar firms enter agreement to install photovoltaic plants in Shandong

The agreement will see 2.5 GW of PV plants installed over the next five years
The agreement will see 2.5 GW of PV plants installed over the next five years in Shandong, China

China solar firms have entered into an agreement to install 2.5 GW of PV plants in the country over the next five years. Solar photovoltaics manufacturer CNPV Solar Power SA and clean energy enterprise China Guangdong Nuclear Solar Energy Development Company (CGN-SEDC), which is dedicated to research and investment of advanced solar technology, are working with Lijin Peoples Government, of Lijin County, to create a “multi-phase approach” to introduce solar photovoltaic plants within the Shandong area.

The scope of the co-operation allows for up to 2.5 GW of installations to proceed around the Bohai Rim within the next 5 years, and is initiated with commitment of 100 MWp installed in three stages of 30MWp, 30MWp and 40MWp sequentially.
Utilising the resources of the three organisations, solar PV installations will be introduced within Shandong province (PRC) on land unfit for other purposes due to high salinity and alkalinity.

The high levels of irradiance complete with the high power output of the CNPV systems, the detailed project design and installation management skills, and the collaborative benefits of the organisations working together, ensure that a profitable return can be achieved while implementing a programme of beneficial land use, and the provision of clean power for the local residents.

Mr. Zhao Shaoqing, the executive deputy county magistrate of the People's Government of the Lijin was enthusiastic about the actions and possibilities.

He said: "Maximising the use of our resources to enhance the lives of our regional inhabitants is always our goal. This co-operation fulfills our remit exactly, and is further enhanced by the superiority of our collaborative partners ensuring we will generate a higher benefit for a longer period of time than other considered options."

"Using the best products and services for clean energy provision, within a region that can benefit economically and at the same time delivering a substantial profit return for the SA SAC (State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission-PRC) ensures we can implement more projects based upon the success of projects previously introduced," confirmed the CGN-SEDC.

"Our international exposure to competing providers allows us to evaluate potential options in great depth. The co-operation with Lijin Peoples Government and CNPV delivers an initial project, and the opportunity for further projects, with substantially greater benefits.”