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China PV microinverters to boost solar output in low temps certified across West

ReneSola's microinverters for increasing energy output in snow and shade are certified for sale in US, UK and across EU

The solar microinverter is designed to increase the energy output of solar modules affected by shade, debris and snow

China solar microinverters designed to increase energy output in low temperatures and severe weather conditions have been certified for sale in the US, UK and across the EU. China firm ReneSola, a leading solar photovoltaic products provider, has announced its solar microinverter, Micro Replus, has formally obtained certification in countries including the US, Canada, Germany, Denmark and the UK in the first half of 2013. The company expects the solar microinverters to receive certifications, including grid standard certification, for an additional 11 European countries by August 2013.

The Micro Replus solar microinverter, which converts DC electricity from a solar panel to AC electricity, is described as a cost-efficient solution for increasing the energy output of solar modules affected by shade, debris or snow. The microinverter technology has also been certified in Australia, and New Zealand. In the third quarter of 2013, ReneSola said it expects to sell over 50,000 Micro Replus microinverters worldwide.

Mr Xianshou Li, ReneSola's chief executive officer, said: "These certifications are key to expanding our downstream business in international markets like Europe, Australia and the US. They are a testament to the performance, credibility and safety of Micro Replus, a cost-efficient solution for increasing the energy output of solar modules affected by shade, debris or snow.

"Microinverters can significantly increase the performance of an entire PV system by enabling panels to operate independently, eliminating the "Christmas light effect" experienced with traditional inverters when the lowest performing module determines the performance of the entire series," he added. "We plan to capitalise on our quality-certified inverters to provide households and large-scale PV systems worldwide with smart renewable energy solutions."

The solar energy news from ReneSola follows the company announcing installations of its PV technology had made a mark on Greece in 2013. In February, the China solar firm reported more than 100MW of its PV technology has been connected to the grid in Greece.

Solar microinverter certifications

The certifications for ReneSola's Micro Replus microinverter this year include:

ETL certification from Intertek, a worldwide leader in quality assurance and product safety certification, to enter the US and Canadian markets freely;

Attestations of Conformity from TUV SUD, a globally recognised and leading government-designated certification body responsible for product testing and the certification of electronic products, for the right to be marketed in Germany and other countries including Denmark;

CE certification, a mandatory conformity certification for products sold in the European Economic Area that verify the products meet EU safety, health and environmental requirements;

G83 Compliance Document from TUV SUD confirming compliance with the listed standards in the UK;

Certificates of Approval from SAA Approvals, a third-party certification body accredited by the Joint Accreditation Service of Australia and New Zealand to issue Certificates of Approval for electrical equipment proven to comply with the safety requirements of the applicable Australian Standard, for the right to be exported and sold in Australia and New Zealand.