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China firm supplies PV panels to complete US utility solar system

29.7kW of solar panels aim to offset energy required to operate Connecticut water treatment plant

China’s JinkoSolar has supplied photovoltaic panels for a utility firm’s solar s
China’s JinkoSolar has supplied photovoltaic panels for a utility firm’s solar system in the US

A China solar manufacturer has supplied PV panels to complete a solar system for a US water treatment plant. JinkoSolar, a vertically integrated solar power product manufacturer, has announced the successful completion of a 35.8kW tracker-based solar system for water utility firm Aquarion in Connecticut. The photovoltaic solar panel installation is expected to help offset the energy required to operate the plant.

The Aquarion Water Company Loiselle Water treatment plant utilises 29.7kW of JinkoSolar’s PV modules in conjunction with OPEL Solar’s utility scale tracker to offset the power Aquarion purchases from the local utility for their operations.

Arturo Herrero, chief marketing officer of JinkoSolar, said: “It is very gratifying to partner with OPEL Solar so we can supply our panels to a company like Aquarion that shares our same insistence on performance and sustainability. We are proud to have a hand in the wider implementation of solar in mainstream utility sites in the U.S.

“We look forward to partnering with OPEL Solar for future projects and will continue to pursue similar ventures where the cost savings guaranteed by our high-performance modules validate the true value of adopting clean renewable energy,” Herrero added.

Frank Middleton, COO of OPEL Solar, said: “This is the second project where OPEL has used JinkoSolar PV panels in conjunction with OPEL’s own utility scale tracker. Jinko’s PV modules have proven to be of good quality and their performance in delivering product on time has been excellent.”

Charles V. Firlotte, president and CEO of Aquarion, added: “We have been working diligently on a series of measures to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and are extremely pleased with the completed project. We are proud that our successful installation can serve as a catalyst and inspiration for other companies considering the move into solar tracking projects to offset their energy usage.”