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China-EU-US event alliance set up to expand solar power industry

Global alliance aims to be catalyst for development of new and emerging markets for solar technologies

The global alliance aims to boost solar power technologies around the world
The global alliance aims to boost solar power technologies around the world

EU, US and China event organisers have joined together to set up global alliance to develop the solar industry. Italy’s event Solarexpo, China’s SNEC PV Power Expo and Solar Power International in the US, have reached an agreement for the creation of the Global Solar Alliance (GSA).

The alliance, which is a global network of leading exhibitions and technical-scientific conferences for the worldwide development of the solar industry and markets, aims to be a “catalyst for the development of new and emerging markets for solar technologies. It aims to spread awareness and information among the professional community, public opinion and political decision makers.

Mi Yue, executive vice chairman Shanghai New Energy Industry Association (SNEIA), said: “As organiser of SNEC PV POWER EXPO, we are very glad to be member of Global Solar Alliance. Each member will benefit from the alliance in improving exhibition services and in better organising exhibitors, visitors and conference attendees through sharing market information in Asia, Europe, America and other regions. We could also lead PV companies at world leading solar exhibitions in each region to expand their business”.

The alliance already has the support of the Asia Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA) and U.S. Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), which consider GSA an important step towards the rationalisation of the sector for a better use of resources.

The impact of the Global Solar Alliance is underscored by the aggregate data of the three founding members which makes up 500,000 sq m exhibition space, 5,000 exhibitors and 300,000 visitors

The figures prove the founders’ intent to play a leadership role and act in synergy to provide new ideas and opportunities to support the global solar market, with benefits for exhibiting companies, the PV professional communities and consumers alike.

The agreement follows the first step made one year ago with the partnership between Solarexpo and SNEC.

Luca Zingale, CEO and scientific director of Solarexpo, said: “Today a truly global network is actually in place, and it will strive to establish an effective dialogue platform to level the playing field for upkeeping the growth of the most mature solar markets, from Europe to USA to China.

“At the same time, through a targeted enlarged membership as well as new initiatives at regional scale, it will act as a powerful catalyst for the development of new and emerging markets for solar technologies”.

GSA members also stress the importance of their cooperation across three continents for the promotion of solar energy as a solution for environmental issues.

“We are very excited about founding the Global Solar Alliance with our two partners, Solarexpo and SNEC. Solar energy is a global business, and global collaboration is the key to continued growth of the industry,” said David Sit, board member of Solar Energy Trade Shows (SETS), the organisation that produces Solar Power International and other U.S. solar trade shows.

“Solar energy has a big role to play in solving the world’s energy problems and we are especially proud that GSA will use its resources to promote solar and open-up new markets worldwide.”