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BRIC & Danish joint venture brings solar water heating tech to India

Emmvee Solar launches domestic solar heating system with new technologies for Indian market

The technology marks the latest development in solar water heating systems for India

An Indian and Danish join venture firm has launched a range of solar water heating systems which it claims bring new technologies to India’s energy sector. Emmvee Solar, India’s leading manufacturer of solar water heaters, and a joint venture with Danish firm Solarcap, has launched the systems, which include the latest glass and absorption technologies to improve solar efficiency. 

The new range of so-called Solarizer systems features an all-new solar collector which consists of the two technologies. Firstly, the collector incorporates a high selective full plate absorber, produced using a state-of-the-art laser welding process to give a surface that absorbs solar radiation more efficiently. Secondly, it uses the latest solar glass that gives higher transmission for improved water heating, including in cloudy conditions.

Emmvee founder and managing director Mr DV Manjunatha said Emmvee has always been ahead of the curve in bringing such innovations to the Indian market.

“We consistently meet the highest global quality standards to satisfy our customers. This requires investment in world class manufacturing facilities and research and development,” he said.

Tech for hard water
The solar water system has also been designed for use in India’s hard water regions. It is combined with technology to prevent corrosion caused by hard water. Emmvee said it has identified customers seeking hard water and high-pressure solutions as areas of high growth in the coming years.

Mr Manjunatha said: “Our Solarizer system will combine the benefits of Emmvee’s unique glass enamelled tank technology with a heat exchanger system to provide the only truly long-life solution for consumers in hard water areas”.

The news from Emmvee follows other West-India developments in solar heating technology. In August 2012, US firm Rockwell Automation announced it would provide a control system to India to develop a 50MW solar thermal plant in the BRIC country.