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Brazilian government invites US company to set up solar panel manufacturing

Brazilian government officials invite PacWest Equities Inc. to bring its line of solar manufacturing equipment to Brazil

Highrise block with integrated PV solar cells windows
Thin film PV solar cells are integrated into windows to generate electricity

US-based company, PacWest, has been invited by government officials in Brazil to bring its CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) line of solar manufacturing equipment to the BRIC country. Analysts have valued the cooperation in excess of USD 55m.

This year, the company acquired the thin film CIGS solar panel technology and a library of 51 patents from Daystar Technologies Inc.

The CIGS technology uses layers of the semiconductor deposited along with other layers of material, to form a cell that enables the generation of solar electricity.

The cooperation with Brazil will allow PacWest to open a site to produce and distribute various solar products in Brazil and other South American countries.

The manufacturing system can be used to create solar glass panels for the building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) market. According to PacWest, the technology that they will supply addresses the construction industry’s need to replace window panels with solar glass panels that generate electricity at the same time as functioning as a window, a skylight, or any other type of building cover.

Thin film PV solar cells will represent the leading technology in the solar industry in the upcoming years. Chinese thin film company, Hanergy, also recently bought CIGS technology from the US to develop its solar cells. 

With the amount of solar potential in Brazil, the country is uniquely positioned for rapid growth in the PV sector.